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Masonry Repair Work

If something's wrong with your chimney, call the experts at Jimminy Peak. We can handle inspections to determine what the problem is and solve it!

Masonry Repair Services


  • Crown Wash

  • Tuckpointing

  • Water Seal

  • Flashing repair


Pointing addresses the joints between bricks. Often the joints of a chimney deteriorate faster than the brick. This causes the bricks to come loose. Re-pointing your chimney helps keep your chimney intact and prevents further damage. 

Crown Wash

The top of a brick or cement block chimney is flat. When water sits on the flat surface if soaks into the chimney causing harm and damage. A crown wash is sloped cement that goes on the top of the chimney in order to help shed the water off, just like the roof of a house.  


Masonry is like a sponge, it soaks up and retains water. This water moves throughout the brick and masonry as a vapor. When temperatures drop the vapor turn to a liquid and freezes. As water freezes it expands, when it expands it cracks the masonry. This causes execrated deterioration of your chimney. A water seal prevents moisture from penetrating the masonry. 

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